Isola del Garda - Fragrance refill
Isola del Garda - Fragrance refill
Isola del Garda - Fragrance refill
Isola del Garda - Fragrance refill
Isola del Garda - Fragrance refill

Isola del Garda

Fragrance refill

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formato 250 ml

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Mountains and green hills are glimpsed in the rippled blue water. Bright sun and strong winds energise the landscape. Shores adorned with rocks, flowers and flourishing natural life pour fragrance and colours onto the stony beaches. Now you can relive the images and fragrances of a holiday on Lake Garda in your own home. A unique fragrance, the perfect blend of space, time and an infinite love of the Lake. Every plant and every flower embodies the secret of an important past. Nature that conserves the priceless gift of history.


Lemon leaves, orange, mint leaves


Jasmine, rose petals, magnolia, sap


White mosses, juniper berries, cedar wood

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  1. Remember to use all the sticks supplied with your chosen fragrance.
  2. At first use, leave the sticks to soak in the fragrance for an hour and then turn them upside down.
  3. To regulate the fragrance’s intensity, turn all or some of the sticks daily or more often, as preferred.

The lifetime of a fragrance depends on the size of the room where it is used, its temperature, the amount of sunlight and any draughts which may speed up evaporation.
However, here are some hints for making your fragrance last longer:

  1. Obtain a refill of the same fragrance and use it to keep the liquid level at around 70% full at all times. This will prevent excessive oxygen in the bottle from accelerating the evaporation rate
  2. Keep the fragrance well away from heat sources
  3. Choose the right bottle size for the area to be perfumed
  1. Place the fragrance diffuser at head height.
  2. For medium-sized rooms, place the diffuser in the middle of the room so the air will move around, circulating the fragrance, when people pass.
  3. For large rooms, use two diffusers at opposite sides of the room to be perfumed.

As a rough guide, TERRE DEL GARDA 500ml room fragrances are able to cover rooms from 5 to 20 square metres, with an average persistence of 6/7 months.