Isola del Garda - Youth body cream
Isola del Garda - Youth body cream
Isola del Garda - Youth body cream

Isola del Garda

Youth body cream

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Size 150 ml

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A precious phytocosmetic and phytoceutical Body Cream that nourishes and moisturises all day long. It contains PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil rich in Vitamins A, E, F and B, Lecithin, Mineral Salts and Enzymes, Groppello DOC Wine and grape Stem Cells rich in resveratrol, alpha hydroxy acids, polyphenols, sugars and fats, with moisturising, antioxidant, illuminating, anti-age and protective properties. Enriched with lemon juice and essential oil, organic Aloe Barbadensis Gel* and Organic Shea Butter* to enhance its nourishing, moisturising and elasticising effects.



Lemon leaves, orange, mint leaves


Jasmine, rose petals, magnolia, sap


White mosses, juniper berries, cedar wood

Pdo extra virgin olive oil, doc groppello wine, aloe barbadensis gel*, lemon juice, lemon essential oil, rice bran oil, grape stem cells, hyaluronic acid, vegetable glycerine, shea butter*, vitamin c, dogrose plant extract, wheat starch and moisturising factors.
*organically grown

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